Testimonials from SitWalkStay Customers

I think you will find Robin impeccably responsible and dependable, thoroughly responsive to individual animals, and open to your specific instructions. It is often hard to leave the family dog with a stranger or trust another to help in the daily patterns of a pet, but Robin knows well how to bridge this difficult gap for all concerned.

M.O., SE Portland

The kitties seemed very calm and happy when we came in the door. I can tell the kitties get a lot out of your visits while we are gone. Thanks for everything.

J.B., NE Portland

Storm Playing
We left our two cats and our aged golden retriever with Robin in total confidence. She is a professional and responsible individual, and was attentive to our pets' needs. She was not intimidated by our older dog's multiple supplements, and they became best friends in no time. Our dog loved the attention, and her services made it a stress-free vacation for all of us! I wholeheartedly recommend SitWalkStay to anyone in need of pet sitting services. Robin is a natural with all animals.

T.L., SE Portland

Hi Robin - I got home late last night & the cats were very happy!!! Thank you so much for your help.

J.W., SW Portland

Our cats, Dharma and Aja, wanted us to give SitWalkStay two big thumbs up. But we explained to them that they don’t have any thumbs. So they asked us to let everybody know how much they loved SitWalkStay. Aja, especially, sends Robin an enormous nose rub, cat smooch, and an "oh boy, I’m so happy you’re here" crazy dance. Dharma’s a bit more reserved, so a very enthusiastic rumbling purr from her. Our cats were very well taken care of during our 3 ½ weeks in Central America. Robin is the model of professionalism with a heavy helping of compassion. We kept in touch via email, and she even sent us a couple of cell phone snapshots of our kitties, when we said that we were really beginning to miss them. We returned to a house of calm and contented cats, clean litter, neatly piled mail, and a reassuring atmosphere of everything in order.

C.N. & D.N., NE Portland

Clovis and Rigby with flowers

Thank you for taking care of my cat. I loved the written notes you made.

N.P., SE Portland

Thank you so much for the fine care you gave our cats. Everything was in order and the notes were great to read. The cats were happy, and they seem to like their new "Auntie Robin!"

G.D., SE Portland

I feel much better knowing that you’re coming by to see my puppy during the day while I’m at work.

R.W., SE Portland

Thank you for treating our dog so well. He seemed just fine when we got home. We also appreciated the daily notes. We will be sure to call you again and recommend you.

A.T., NE Portland

Thanks for taking such good care of my dog all week! There have been many times I’ve bypassed going out of town because I didn’t have anyone I really trusted. It’s such a relief to have found you!

M.C., NE Portland

AugustLast night I was walking the dogs and noticing a big difference from the days you walk them versus the days you don't…they are a lot less anxious and our time is much more enjoyable versus me dealing with an over abundance of energy.

J.C., NE Portland

Thank you so much for your wonderful care of my cats. I could tell that you really got to know them and their individual personalities by the notes that you wrote each day. The descriptions were great - I could actually see them doing what you were describing them doing in your notes! What a nice touch. I'll be sure to recommend you to others and will definitely call you again for my next trip!

L.K., SE Portland

Thanks again for being the best dog walker EVER this week and taking extra good care of Mags. We really appreciate it.

A.H. and S.C., NE Portland

Two paws up!

P.M., NE Portland