Who Is SitWalkStay?

Robin and Django

Robin Remmick grew up in the country near Estacada surrounded by dogs, cats and horses. Her pets have accompanied her as a career in arts management led her from Portland to Southern Oregon to Boston and back to Portland. She launched SitWalkStay in 2006, with the goal of doing what she loves the most: caring for animals.




Robin is the chief dog walker and petsitter at SitWalkStay. Robin and her husband Ross McKeen (who occasionally serves as assistant dog walker) have adopted several retired greyhounds over the last 20 years. Currently the top dogs in their lives are Django, a six-year-old Silken Windhound who appreciates having two humans to wait on him; and Heidi, a seven-year-old Toy Fox Terrier who is the family guard dog.

SitWalkStay is insured and bonded.